Martin Delfino

When Martin took hold of a borrowed Nikon for a photography class over 35 years ago, he immediately knew the craft was his. He was hooked and he had a reason. Every face and every moment became magical to Martin through the lens. Today, he doesn't just take pictures. He captures the core essence of the subject and makes vivid memories of each occasion.

Martin’s photography comes from many years of experience and keeps current by attending seminars and training sessions from the masters of photography like National Geography and Sports Illustrated’s Joe McNally, to various celebrity photographers like Mike Colon who shot Usher’s wedding and Eva Longoria’s wedding photographer, Bob Davis. While photography was initially a creative outlet for Martin, it has turned into a successful professional career when close friends and family started to share their own wedding photographs taken by Martin to others. Martin was instantly sought after when they saw how well he captured, understood and knew the important moments of a wedding.

Martin definitely understands the need to bring life and to capture the key moments of significant events. Shooting weddings quickly allowed more people to view how Martin interprets life through the lens and by popular demand, he soon expanded to portraits of families, children, couples, corporate head shots.

Martin maintains his wedding and portraits business today. He has also begun expanding his photography career shooting stylized fashion photography. Through the years, Martin has also covered many sports events due to his children. Nicole, his 17-year old gymnast has become one of his favorite subjects in action.

We invite you explore Martin’s gallery to understand how he interprets life & movement, love, emotion and beauty captured under true photographic skill. | 510.366.5142
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